IQ test

Recently, I was asked if I knew my IQ score? Well, always being in the top percentile at school and University - I'd never really thought about doing an IQ test. It made me think of the modern idea that if you work hard, you can be or do anything you want in life and that this modern idea is a myth. If I put my mind to being an Olympic swimmer and train every day to be an Olympic swimmer, I still would not make the grade. It doesn't make me a failure. Today, IQ tests are out of vogue and certainly they have their limitations but they are still a measure of a person's ability to reason and problem solve. Getting a low IQ score does not mean that a person is stupid, it just means they don't have an aptitude for reasoning and problem solving.

The television is full of reality tv shows, where the girl next door becomes an international star but in all these cases, the girl next door has potential. SEO is no different, to learn and master it to do better than everyone else in the world, you need to have an aptitude for it.  

Measuring your aptitude to learn SEO

I.Q. (intelligence quotient) is an assessment of your ability to think and reason.

SEO means Search engine Optimization and is the ability to make changes to your website content and code to rank well on search engines. It involves thinking and reasoning. Measuring your IQ is a good measure of your ability to learn SEO.

Free Online IQ test.  
Beware: there are many other IQ tests online that are scams, they will ask you for your email address, 
or to pay for a report or make an expensive mobile call.  
If your score is more than 140, you have a good chance of learning SEO but with some effort. 
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Another fun test is at . Now, I say fun. If you don't find this kind of exercise fun: you won't like SEO. SEO is analytical: it's an ability to see patterns, to solve problems, to make a good guess, to reverse engineer, to do maths.