Webmail is available on all email hosting and web hosting accounts.

To access webmail, simply add webmail dot and your domain name into the browser window. eg. If your domain name is registeraustraliandomains.com , then you would go to http://webmail.registeraustraliandomains.com 

The following screen will appear

webmail login

Your username is the email address and password that you use to login, is the same email address and password that you have created when you logged in and set up your email account.

Login and test that you can access your mail using the username and password that you have created. If you can't there are three possible reasons, ( 1) your name servers have not delegated completely yet (2) your email user has not been set up and you need to login and set up your email account (3) your password is incorrect and you can login to the hosting control panel and change your password .

When is webmail useful?

Webmail is particularly useful when you do not have access to your own computer and want to send and receive email. So long as the computer you are accessing has internet connection, all you need to do to access your mail is open up a browser and login.

For better searchability and functionality, it is better to download your mail to your computer. See configuring mail client.