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Passion Computing domain names service differs from most domain name providers because we provide you with a personalized service at competitive prices. The domain name system is far from perfect and is highly dependent on email for communication, and as a result companies may lose track of their domain name because renewal notices are sent to the email address of a staff member that has left.

Companies that register their domain name through us have the added protection, that their domain name will also appear in our system when it is due for renewal and if clients do not renew their domain name, we will personally contact them before the domain name expiry date, to make sure they received the renewal notice and if they want to let their domain name expire or renew it. This is a courtesy service that we provide and clients should continue to keep their contact details up to date and renew their domain name as soon as they receive the renewal notice.

Our prices are competitive and you can register and manage all your domain names, easily and effectively. Utilizing free services like domain name forwarding and advanced dns management, to redirect your domain name. Our free services may be paid services elsewhere or not offered with domain name registration.

"When it comes to websites many people overlook their domain name registration until something goes wrong and suddenly they realize that the website they have built and all their marketing is centered on their domain name. In a deregulated market, reliable domain name registration that comes with professional support and personalized service is a rare find" See Our Testimonials

Our service is targeted to savvy businesses and individuals that understand the value of good support and competitive pricing. If you ever have a problem using the online administration service or if there is a technical issue that needs to be addressed, we will help you resolve the problem. If you buy from a volume domain name seller expect to take a number and hope that you never have a problem, because if you do, it can be hard to find anyone to listen to the problem, let alone tell you what to do about it. You'll go round in circles, trying to get the simplest problem sorted or a straight forward answer from technical support. They are more interested in selling you more products than providing real service.

The domain name system is far from perfect and there have been occasions where other domain name sellers have accidentally (or negligently - depending on your opinion) transferred out domain names, leaving domain name owners with lost website and mail before the matter was resolved. Read how an Australian domain name registrar admits to allowing domain name hijack  

The domain name system is a centralized system that has many different providers, whose services vary from good to appalling, Choosing where you register a domain name, should not be based on price alone.

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