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Australian domain name history

The history of the dot-AU domain in Australia is an important story. If you understand the past, you can understand why things are the way they are but if you neglect history, you do not have the context to understand the present.

The Internet started when in the late 1960s, researchers gained funding from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop a computer network concept. In September 1969 .. read Australian domain name history

The Internet and the future

The internet is still very much in its infancy yet it has already demonstrated how rapidly technology and the free exchange of information has impacted on everyday life. The internet has provided a wealth of information that would have been near unattainable before search engines were able to effectively catalogue information on the internet.

You can now join more mailing lists than you will ever have time to read. There is an abundance of information on every topic and subject and you can spend hours on forums, chats or reading blogs. The internet has allowed networking and making new business relationships. Traditional means of advertising have been challenged by internet advertising which is one of the fastest growing industries. How will the internet impact on the future.

The Social Impact of Technology

Advances in technology, is generally not equitably shared within society. People with money have more opportunity to aquire technology, which enables them to acquire even more wealth. It is also important to remember that war has been and will continue to be the driving force for technology and innovation. Power and wealth are intrinsically tied together.

Open Source Risks

Has any one ever told you that open source has risks? Sure you've heard the media spin, it's more secure, more stable, more cost effective and has shorter development time but rarely does the media put a spotlight on its serious short comings.

Firstly, what is open source?

Maximizing Website ROI

Article on how to get the most out of your website investment. Increasingly, people turn to search engines to find company details, products and services. A website is becoming more important than having a yellow pages listing because it is a better way of searching for products and services.

Nintendo wii launches new browser

For the first time, a games console has launched a browser that allows users to access the internet from the comfort of their lounge room. This brings about a whole new era for the internet because it brings the internet to the lounge room.

Ricardo Semler Semco

Ricardo Semler’s Seven Day Weekend does not suggest that people work more but that people should be encouraged to pursue their passions and find balance between work and personal life. Unconventional and ludicrous to some, Semler challenges conventional business models. His company records 40% growth because its people are challenged to innovate, given flexibility and treated with respect.

Green Computing

Computers are made of poisonous materials like lead, chromium, cadium and mercury. If computers are buried in landfill, they can leach harmful chemicals into waterways and the environment and if burned release toxic contaminants into the air we breathe. Computers consume energy and no-one has come up with a practical solution for the potential environmental disaster of millions of obsolete computers hitting landfill sites around the world

Professionalism and Ethics

Professionalism is not commercialism. To be a professional, is to use education, experience and training to do work, anaylse, problem solve and make sound decisions. A professional must know and deliver sound advice to the client based on accumulated knowledge. A professional is held in high regard because they are more experienced than the client. Commercialism is the use of marketing and advertising to sell products and services regardless of the needs and requirements of a customer.

Copyright Infringement or Extortion

 The internet has evolved rapidly and there is much uncertainty about the legality of many ways the internet is used. There are cases that are before the courts today that threaten to strike at the heart of the internet;the free flow of information

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has filled tens of thousands of suits against individuals for copyright infringement but the crux of their argument is that simply possessing copyright material on your computer, even if that material was copied from a legitimate bought CD or DVD, simply having a file in a shared folder on your internet connected computer constitutes copyright infringement.

Disadvantages of Indian Outsourcing

It is a myth that outsourcing to India is always cheaper or better.

Don't believe everything you read in the papers - outsourcing has more disadvantages than advantages and many Australian companies fail to make a proper assessment of the risks and real costs associated with outsourcing programming projects.

Why Outsourcing support is bad for business

Corporations need to understand that its not just about the bottom line - it's about providing a service. Time is something that cannot be replaced and call centers may be cheap but they are frustrating and inefficient.

Are late fees legal

Micheal Pascoe, a highly respected and experienced finance commentators says, "Australia's banks have been ripping hundreds of millions of dollars off their customers in penalty fees that have little or no legal basis."

Free IQ Test

I.Q. (intelligence quotient) is an assessment of your ability to think and reason. These free tests are great fun. Test your IQ and compete with your family and friends.