Website Design Plans

Website design first begins with the design of a homepage template. You can either choose from one of thousands of do-it-yourself website builder templates  and build your own website using your own content and images or hire the skills of a website developer to build a custom website design for your company.

A custom website is built using your company logo, images, files, corporate colours, and content. Send all project files and and a website questionnaire  (recommended) to  manager@passioncomputing.com.au and we will provide you with a quotation.

Our custom websites do not require a deposit and payment is made at the completion of the project, so you will know exactly what you are paying for and there is no risk of paying a 50% deposit and waiting weeks or months to see any progress.

Whether you are wanting a HTML website or Content Management System, the process of website development, always starts with creating a custom website template. Most of our clients have fairly clear ideas about what they want and we design a website accordingly.

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Custom website design

Custom designs take time because the developer works with the HTML code and produce exactly what a client wants, and the developer does not have to fit it into a predesigned mould. If you want to have a custom design and you want it updatable then you have to design a content management system to make that design work with the system or learn to edit HTML code. DIY websites are predesigned moulds that allow for some adjustments and in most cases allows a user to get a site online very quickly.

It all depends on your goals and budget.

With a limited budget, a DIY website is the ideal choice because you login and make changes, change the template and images and content, anytime you want but there are limitations to how much you can edit the template. 

If you build a custom template, it will be exactly what you want but to update it you need to learn HTML, which is not hard to learn. Most clients can manage it with a couple of hours training over the phone but larger websites should consider a CMS system to manage their content. A CMS system generates not only new pages but menu links and a HTML website requires every page to be edited if an additional page is required from the menu.

Small Websites

Small websites are generally anywhere from 5 to 15 pages. One template is the norm, for a small website.

Please contact us to discuss requirements. We can also offer 2 hours of training to learn how to edit your site in HTML, if you want to be able to manage your website yourself.

Medium websites

Medium websites usually utilize drop down menus or multiple templates.

All websites undergo drafting process, review, feedback, testing and implementation.  See Website Development Process These plans come with additional template features such as pull down menus and may involve multiple templates to better organize content. Depending on your business a CMS solution might prove more suitable and cost effective.

Larger websites

Larger websites should use a CMS system because it allows additional pages to be added to the menu easily.

If  you know that you require a CMS site, then go ahead and fill in the CMS website questionnaire, to obtain a quotation.


Website and email hosting:

All websites produced are uploaded a webhosting account and email accounts set up.

About Passion Computing

Passion Computing provides quality website design, development, production, website consultancy and related services to clients in Australia, U.S. and Europe. We have worked for a wide range of business clients; colleges and universities, ebay merchants, online businesses, marketing/advertising agencies, large not for profit organizations, business professionals, authors, entrepreneurs, WAHM businesses, Australian Job Network Providers, parliamentarians and small to medium sized private companies. Industries include: tourism, business services, education, government related, retail and wholesale, internet businesses, community organizations. 

 We have worked for businesses both large and small, and have taught website design, web development and computer related subjects at Universities in Melbourne, Australia,

Comparing prices and service

Be aware that website design is not like hiring a plumber to change a washer; the service will vary considerably. Some web designers use programs like Dreamweaver to design your website, while others will hand code your website in standards compliant HTML. The end result is very different. 

Some designers will happily take your 50% deposit and build you a website that they think will be right for your business (or will look good in their portfolio) and you can take it or leave it, like it or lump it.

We custom design your website to your requirements and we do NOT require a deposit and customers only pay us, at the completion of the project, when they are 100% satisfied.